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Hey, Preschool Educators,
Do you relate to these Scenarios?

Hired a Fresher &
They can't deliver...?
Wasting time in writing comprehension?
Unable to utilize
a teacher's full potential?

Increased teacher
attrition rate

Difficulties in preparing curriculum & lesson plans?

Unable to maintain
uniform teaching quality?

Look no further than Lil Beez
The ultimate preschool publisher!

Why choose LIL BEEZ Learning Series?

Smart Practice Notebooks

Unlike ordinary notebooks, Lil Beez Smart Notebooks come pre-printed with legible fonts designed to assist students in cultivating systematic writing skills while enabling teachers to allocate equal attention to all their students

Time-Saving Convenience

Our pre-printed notebooks complement the corresponding subject textbooks,leading to a substantial reduction in the time teachers spend on manually writing assignments in each student’s notebook, thereby allowing them more time to provide individualized assistance to the children

Aligned with National Standards

Our activity-based textbook learning and pre-printed notebooks are crafted to align with the syllabus of the National Education Policy (NEP) and adhere to the standards by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)

Customise your Kit

Enjoy the freedom of customization. We empower you to adapt our learning series to your institution’s specific requirements, making it a perfect fit for your educational goals

Teacher Training Programme

Through our collaboration with NIECCE, you have the opportunity to avail yourselves of our teacher training programs offered by the esteemed National Institute for Early Childhood Care and Education to empower educators at your institution

Additional Teaching Aids

In addition to teaching materials, we also offer valuable teaching aids, including lesson plans, tracking record sheets, performance evaluations, and more, all of which contribute to elevating teaching quality


All about our Smart Notebooks

Coz... The smarter generation needs smarter books!

- Printed Human fonts
- Systematic Writing Practice
- Activity Based Learning
- Effective Teaching Time
- Performance Evaluation
- Parent friendly


Benefits of our
Pre Printed Smart Notebooks

Implement “Lil-Beez Smart Notebooks” with textbooks from any publisher.


Implement Both Textbooks & Notebooks from Lil Beez!

let the numbers speak!

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"As a preschool teacher, I can't recommend this colors and shapes textbook enough. It captivates young minds with vibrant visuals and hands-on activities. It's an essential tool for helping children grasp foundational concepts."

Roopa L

"I've been using this nursery rhymes and storybook with my little one for bedtime reading, and it's become a nightly ritual. The delightful stories and rhymes not only entertain but also boost language development."

Deepak S

"Our preschool has been using these nursery textbooks, and we've seen a significant positive impact on our students' early learning journey. The colorful and interactive content keeps our little ones excited about learning."



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