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Coz... The smarter generation needs smarter books!

- Printed Human fonts
- Systematic Writing Practice
- Activity Based Learning
- Effective Teaching Time
- Performance Evaluation
- Parent friendly

Choose LIL BEEZ Learning Series and experience the difference in education


Lil Beez offers an optimised welcome kit designed for the first year of schooling, providing a comprehensive introduction to the world of learning. Our kit includes the fundamentals of English, Math, and Environmental Studies (EVS), accompanied by engaging rhymes, captivating stories, and creative colouring books.

Welcome to School Kit


In LKG, Lil Beez provides a comprehensive range of textbooks and introduces children to the art of cursive writing, encompassing both English capital and small letters. Additionally, our kit includes second language (Kannada) learning to enrich the early stages of education.

The LIL Steps towards Basics


In UKG, Lil Beez enhances the reading and writing learning experience by offering a combination of textbooks and pre-printed practice books for all subjects, while also introducing children to the third language (Hindi).

Joy of Reading and Writing


At Lil Beez, we provide the flexibility to customise your learning materials according to your needs. In addition to class-specific books, you can choose from our convenient pre-printed notebooks or select individual language books from across all classes or anything else!  Design your kit to perfectly align with your requirements and preferences

You Design your own kits

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