You Design your own kits

The kit consists of Rhymes, Story, Colouring, Language and Practice books

At Lil Beez, we provide the flexibility to customise your learning materials according to your needs. In addition to class-specific books, you can choose from our convenient pre-printed notebooks or select individual language books from across all classes or anything else!  Design your kit to perfectly align with your requirements and preferences

Language Kit

Lil Beez offers specialized book sets for language learning, featuring Kannada and Hindi alongside English, designed for LKG and UKG classes. Additionally, these kits include smart notebooks for writing practice

Smart Practice
Book Kit

Explore the exclusive Lil Beez collection of pre-printed smart notebooks, seamlessly adaptable to complement any preschool textbooks, including Lil Beez Textbooks. These kits encompass pre-printed notebooks for all subjects and languages across all three classes

LIL Cursive
Writing Book

Lil Beez presents an introductory series of English cursive handwriting materials designed for LKG and UKG classes. This kit includes pre-printed smart notebooks to assist children in developing their cursive writing skills

LIL Colouring
Book 1,2,3

Lil Beez presents printed drawing books tailored for children in Nursery to UKG classes, meticulously designed to match the artistic abilities of kids aged 3.5 to 5.5 years

LIL Rhymes Book 1,2,3

Lil Beez offers a distinct collection of rhymes books tailored to each of the three classes, thoughtfully curated to align with the learning capabilities of children, accompanied by captivating illustrations

LIL Story Book 1,2,3

Narratives that instill the English language, impart social lessons, convey morals, and encompass all elements contributing to a child’s holistic growth, accompanied by engaging visuals

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